Dear mum,

These flowers are for you
Wishing you here too
You light up the saddest days
Without whining or complaints
You accept life as it comes
You believe in fairies and miracles
So do I!
I know you’re in good hands
Being alive is a blessing
Breathing is a victory
We’ve travelled around the world
My head flying between the clouds
Your feet firmly on the ground
Or was it the other way around?
We have shared long conversations
So many sleepless nights
Filled with loud laughters and silent tears
You’ve shown me that dreams have no limits
And (almost) everything is possible
You believed in me when others didn’t
You gave me the hand and pushed me further
I’m sure 66 is not the end
Your path will continue
God is patient. He will wait
We still need you among us
You are out of my sight
But always present in my heart
Distance will never tear us apart.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

31 réflexions sur “Rosso

  1. Há algo que jamais esqueço porque é o que me move e o que nos move chega além: nunca desistir. O amor imenso e (e)terno entre vocês permite que essa dinâmica transformadora seja cada vez mais forte e rica. A vida continua e muitos cafés virão entre vocês. Um grande abraço carinhoso e seguimos.💐❤️

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