Art is everywhere!

I have my own rules, so street art comes on Sunday. Don’t ask me why. It’s just the way it is. Some rules are made to be broken. And this one is one of them. I couldn’t wait! The week has been long and exhausting. I was counting the minutes to get home. Literally. And then… I saw it!
A huge wall painted with colourful flowers and fearless animals. Who could have guessed? In a parking lot. Yes, in the garden supply store car park. And I don’t even have a house with a garden. I live in an apartment with a tiny little balcony. I presume my eyes (well, my left eye) was meant to see this beauty just before the week ends.
I must thank my son because every Friday he goes to kayak and I pick him up before the sun sets. Usually, the meeting place is at the beach but this time I found myself at this empty parking.
I’m blessed and grateful. Open your eyes. Seize the day. Always.

Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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