Troubled thoughts

Photo : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Stan and Mathilde keep asking me why they can’t be with the Portuguese family. This Covid thing is taking too long, they say. Lisboa, Tomar, London, Verona… so close and yet… so far!
What’s the point of having two weeks of vacations if we can’t join the ones we love the most, they shoot. Sharp and clear, as usual.
I miss my family and friends that are family too. They are spread all over the world.
That’s the price to pay when you live abroad. Sometimes, it’s just unbearable. Sometimes, it’s too painful.
My soul is shrinking and my body is sore.
We stop counting the days because they turned into weeks, months, years. If only we knew…
For the first time, we are sure that « non andrà tutto bene ».
We will move on, inevitably.
But life will never be the same.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz


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