Going home for Christmas

Tomorrow, I’ll be flying away. Crossing the deep blue ocean. Sharing my secrets with the cotton clouds.
The last time we were all together for Christmas was 10 years ago. My youngest daughter was a baby. Time really flies!
These pictures are even older. They were taken before filters became fashionable. They remind me Lisbon. Home. Family ties. Unconditional love.
Four brothers and sisters, living in four different countries, will meet again where it all began. And they will bring their own families. We’ll speak four languages again.
We will laugh and cry. Of that I’m sure! Because we know the clock is ticking. And this might be our last chance. Sometimes the best is not yet to come. It’s just here and now.
I’ll be offline during a week, at least. Away from the internet and into flesh-and-blood relationships. I will miss you but I’ll be busy hugging and kissing my dear siblings.
I wish you all Happy Holidays! Wherever you are and whoever you are with… Make the best of it! Take care. Be safe. Be happy.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz


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