Life is a rollercoaster


Photo : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Have a nice day!
Even if it’s pouring down
And you forgot your umbrella
Even if you’re late
And you just missed the bus
Even if that stupid pigeon
Ruined you new suit 

Have a great day!
Even if you are sick
And you have no medicine
Even if you want to leave
But the others force you to stay
Even if you’re craving for a cigarette
But you quit smoking

Have a beautiful day!
Even if you’re vegetarian
And they only serve meat
Even if you pray for peace
But the war has already started
Even if you lost the love your life
For your best friend

Have an awesome day!
Even if you wish to work
But they are all on strike
Even if you judge your neighbour
But your son has a gun
Even if you dream with Champagne
But all you have is cheap wine

Have an extraordinary day!
Even if it’s raining cats and dogs
And you’re completely soaked
Even if you are only 38
But you already feel like 83
Even if you’re getting married
But suddenly, you’re not so excited.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz


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