Hope comes in yellow


Patience is wide and white
Unique and bright
Freedom is deep blue
I’ll spread my wings and fly with you
Passion is red blood
And so is anger when you’re stuck in the mud
Envy can be black or grey
Dreams are like a rainbow in the sky
Faith is violet
Start again, reset
Hope is dressed up in yellow
But it tastes like a marshmallow
Sweet and naïf
Believing in a better future keeps me safe.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz


24 réflexions sur “Hope comes in yellow

  1. I enjoyed your interpretation of the colours! I particularly liked:

    « Freedom is deep blue » – I agree!

    « Envy can be black or grey » – how interesting! This makes more sense than green!

    « Faith is violet
    Start again, reset. » – this also makes sense. I always think of purple as forgiveness.

    ❤ x

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