The house next door

Photo : Paul Laurent Bressin

I remember the sumptuous parties
Everyone would do anything
Just to have an invitation
The guests were all dressed up
The orchestra starts playing « My way »
The gentlman winks gently
At the lady next to him
Children were not welcome
Nannies would put them to sleep
A piece of cake!
Promising blueberry pancakes
The following day
I slide quickly under the table
Making no sound
So afraid of being discovered
Suddenly… I saw her
Brighter than the sun
Prettier than any star
Sweeter than honey
Softer than cotton
She didn’t walk
She flew
Her arms were like wings
Waving me
She wore a long pink dress
Not my favourite colour
But who cares?
She could be dressed up
In a simple white sheet
For me, she was perfect
Years went by so fast
I got married, had children
Who gave me grandchildren
But I still remember
The beautiful girl
From the house next door.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz


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