Un jardin fleuri

Les hommes cherchent la lumière dans un jardin fragile où frissonnent les couleurs.

Jean Tardieu

Le jardin est la prolongation naturelle d’une conception de la vie.

Erik Orsenna

Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz


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  1. Lol! I have to say, it’s a valid fear but my son initially wanted a career in herpetology (field on reptiles and insects) so he practically knew the life-cycle of most reptiles and insects. He told us that snakes fear humans and would readily try to escape rather than confront a person. If you stay still, they will leave the area. My girlfriend used to find snakes in her house or back garden before they built their fence. It bordered the National park or reserve. She told me she would just use the broom to sweep them on their way or pound the ground and they would slither away.
    You won’t find them in suburban settings – too many people and cars.
    Would love to meet up with you when you visit Filipa.

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