I’m back…for good!

It’s so damn good to be back! After more than three weeks of intensive emotions. Believe me when I say that my life is a roller coaster. Oh yeah!
A phone stolen, a whole morning at the police station, memories vanished, pictures lost forever, my accounts hacked, major health issues and finally… holidays!
I am sorry for not being present but I needed a break. Trust me!
I hope you liked the street art posts (I cannot live without art), as well as, the ones to celebrate my favourite season : Summer.
Thank you for being here!
I’ll catch up… smoothly but steadily.
I missed you all.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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  1. So sorry to hear that you’ve been through the wringer Filipa. You were wise to take time to recoup and get your bearings. My husband’s motto is to ‘back up, back up, back up’ and he backs up all the files, photos, emails etc every Sunday without fail. That way, we don’t lose any data. Hope your friends and family can supply some of the photos you lost. Sending you big hugs from Down Under. 🥰💜💙

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