All we need is love

Accept the differenceEmbrace the unknownStep out from your comfort zoneBe the inspirationForgive yourselfGive without anything in returnDon’t lose hopeKeep the faithAvoid great expectationsEnjoy simple thingsBelieve in miraclesFollow your dreamsAnd above allLove unconditionally.


The abusive love is villainIt flows through your veinsAnd drowns your heartTearing us apartSaying « I’m sorry »With hustle and flurryIsn’t a weaknessBut a strength covered by sweetnessWhispering « forgive me »Will set you freeOpen your eyesAnd start dating the beautyThe whole universe criesFor those who are too snootyIgnore the hate, let your fears flowUnwrap your egoPride is moreLire la suite « Orgoglio »

Letter to a friend

Dear friend,I’m counting the days for Spring to comeYou know I dislike Winter timeIf you were here, we could stroll on the beachFeeling free and releasedHave I told you that I have a dog?Poppy is sweet and strongDo you remember When we used to sing and dance?Every moment together was a real chance You wereLire la suite « Letter to a friend »

The miracle of life

Don’t ask me the impossibleAnd I’ll always surprise youDon’t be hard on yourself You have the right to failDon’t judge othersBeacause you ignore what they went throughDon’t forget the child in youAccept yourself as a wholeDon’t be wise all the timeAnd be ready for the unpredictableDon’t hide your feelingsThey make you unique and specialDon’t takeLire la suite « The miracle of life »


Suddenly, she decided to listen to her heartDon’t be so hard on yourself Take a deep breath And follow your pathToday is the day!Let’s celebrate lifeBecause all we have is here and nowShe took off her clothesAnd dressed up her soul in red. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Pieces of life

Embrace your lifeTake it as a whole!No sorrow, no pain, no regretsNo complaints and no requests Don’t waste your timeMinutes are way too precious!Don’t judge and don’t expectMore than others can offer you The only thing you can take for grantedIs this momentSo make it unique and specialEnjoy the day! Everyday. Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Life is a rollercoaster

Have a nice day! Even if it’s pouring down And you forgot your umbrella Even if you’re late And you just missed the bus Even if that stupid pigeon Ruined you new suit  Have a great day! Even if you are sick And you have no medicine Even if you want to leave But theLire la suite « Life is a rollercoaster »

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