Feeling alive!

A walk throught the cloudsThe wind messing up with my hairFeeling the breeze on my faceAnd the grass cracking below my feetI can almost guess what the sea smells likeSurrounded by colourful flowersFrom all sorts of fragrances (just my imagination!)I wish I could put all these sensantions into words. P.S. Due to an accident, I’veLire la suite « Feeling alive! »

The miracle of life

Don’t ask me the impossibleAnd I’ll always surprise youDon’t be hard on yourself You have the right to failDon’t judge othersBeacause you ignore what they went throughDon’t forget the child in youAccept yourself as a wholeDon’t be wise all the timeAnd be ready for the unpredictableDon’t hide your feelingsThey make you unique and specialDon’t takeLire la suite « The miracle of life »


Why does the sea water taste like salt?Because that’s where the tears from the clouds land. Why is the sun so hot?To keep us warm when we are sad. Why does it rain over our heads?To wash the bad feelings away. Why is the grass green?To make us happy when days are grey. Why doLire la suite « Why… »


You work at hospitals, schoolsSupermarkets, kindergartensYou are brave and fearless And you take care of others You are a doctor, a nurse, a policeman A therapist, an attendant, a bus driverA teacher, a fireman, a physician Your body is sore and your bones are weakMissing the ones you love the mostDue to endless days andLire la suite « Heroes »


How do you feel today?I feel tired, anxious, weird, afraid and lonelyFair enough…You’re experiencing a new situation But be reasonableConcentrate on good things You’re alive and healthyYou have a roof above your headYou may dance in the kitchen if you want toYou have foodYou have water to drink and also to take a showerYou haveLire la suite « Lockdown »

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