Far far away

We are linkedAnd our souls will never dieWe are bonded foreverYou may move to another townTake a plane to a distant landThat won’t change anythingAny mountain is too highTo annihilate our feelingsThere are no waters deep enoughTo smother our love We don’t need bridges to be connectedI may read your mindAnd you can guess myLire la suite « Far far away »

Lost and Found

When my soul was in the lost and found you came along and clame it. Carole King My life was predictableEvery day was a long peaceful riverWithout mistakes or surprisesNo saturday feverNo layz SundaysNo hussle, no fightsEach step was calculatedEach word was measuredSuddenly…You came alongAnd everything changedIn a blink of an eyeI felt desire underLire la suite « Lost and Found »

Dreaming my dreams

Follow meI’ll be your guideTrust meI won’t tell you a lieOpen your heartI’m ready to live our loveJoin me meBe my date, I’ll be your doveYou can count on meI will never disappoint youOf that you may be sureAs the grass is green and the ocean is blueTake my handLet’s live our dreamsWe will beLire la suite « Dreaming my dreams »

Fly away

Come with meLet’s fly away Forget your luggageYou won’t need any belongings Hold my handI will show the world The fresh grass will be our bedAnd the sky the only roof above our heads Trust meI will never let you down Don’t think twiceTogether we are stronger Just say yes And this amazing journey mayLire la suite « Fly away »

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