It’s all so quietIt’s all so stillPeace is everywhere you goBecause it lives inside youJust be patient!Take a closer glimpseCan you hear the birds?Can you see the beauty of the trees?Mannkind works are eternalSo they say…Don’t pay attention to othersDon’t rush yourselfTake a deep breath And enjoy the momentYou’ll be surprised By all the amazingLire la suite « Serendipity »

Women we are

Rose, violet, orange, redBlue, green, white, yellowNo matter the color we chooseWe are not deadStrengh, faith, compassionFairness, motherhood, solidarityHard work, trust, passionPerseverance, joy, empathyWe are full of surprisesAnd an endless sourceOf inspirationWe are part of the worldAnd that is alreadyA fascination. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Paul Laurent Bressin

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