Loving mother

Lately, life has not been kind to herAnd yet, she never complainsShe struggles in silenceAnd has always a warm and kind smileHer body has shrunkAlthough her mind is brighter than everThey both dance on a different rhythm Sometimes she wishes to let goWho am I to blame her?Darkness hours, sleepless nightsShe keeps going for theLire la suite « Loving mother »

Lost and Found

When my soul was in the lost and found you came along and clame it. Carole King My life was predictableEvery day was a long peaceful riverWithout mistakes or surprisesNo saturday feverNo layz SundaysNo hussle, no fightsEach step was calculatedEach word was measuredSuddenly…You came alongAnd everything changedIn a blink of an eyeI felt desire underLire la suite « Lost and Found »

Until the last whisper

First cryFirst impressionFirst handFirst classFirst aidFirst sightFist loveFirst kissFirst inFirst outFirst wrinkleFirst comeFirst servedFirst secondFirst world Last laughLast chanceLast strawLast danceLast burstLast glanceLast breathLast gaspLast comeLast outLast dropLast goneLast supperLast minuteLast word Filipa Moreira da Cruz

On my way to nowhere

Where are you going?Truth be toldI don’t have a clueThe only thing I am sureIs that I miss youSo I keep walkingAs long as my feet Are not soreAs long as my back Can take me as a whole You may cross all the riversAnd all the seasHaving the stars as guidesYou may climb TheLire la suite « On my way to nowhere »

The yellow house

Everytime she was feeling blueShe thought of good old times in the yellow houseWhen winters were cold and bitterShe kept dreaming of the yellow houseIf she was scared of somethingShe thought she was in the yellow houseWhenever she missed her loved onesShe looked at the pictures of the yellow houseIf life was too hard onLire la suite « The yellow house »

Not yet…

It’s time to leaveShall we go?I’m not ready yetI need one minute or two It’s hard to believeTime goes by so fastKeep the secretJust between me and you Look at the sky white and blueThe clouds are dancing smoothlyMagic birds keep calling usAnd the waves are whispering too Are you ready?Not yetI pretend to beLire la suite « Not yet… »

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