A walk in the park

Sometimes life sucksAnd everything goes wrongWithout any reasonNo matter what you doNo matter how far you goNo matter how hard you tryNo matter how high you aimNo matter how much you giveIt’s never good enoughSuddenly you realise All you need is a walk in the park. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira daLire la suite « A walk in the park »


How do you feel today?I feel tired, anxious, weird, afraid and lonelyFair enough…You’re experiencing a new situation But be reasonableConcentrate on good things You’re alive and healthyYou have a roof above your headYou may dance in the kitchen if you want toYou have foodYou have water to drink and also to take a showerYou haveLire la suite « Lockdown »


My eyes are wide shut whilst my spirit is still awakeI cannot sleep, I’d rather prefer writingWords are dancing in my headNo purpose on restingRimes are growing insteadIt’s useless fighting I hear voices, screams and despairI see children playing in the parkMy imagination takes me everywherePirates, cowboys, trees and birdsI try to reach the oldLire la suite « Insomnia »

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