Strawberries field

We cry in silenceWe lost our guidanceWe need sweetnessAnd a hint of happinessThe world has gone crazyAnd human beings are too lazyTo keep fighting for their rightsViolence exploses like dynamiteWe should pray insteadFor those who are already deadWe need to have faith and hopeAnd trust the Almighty aboveEverything happens for a reasonAnd bad things won’tLire la suite « Strawberries field »

All we need is love

Accept the differenceEmbrace the unknownStep out from your comfort zoneBe the inspirationForgive yourselfGive without anything in returnDon’t lose hopeKeep the faithAvoid great expectationsEnjoy simple thingsBelieve in miraclesFollow your dreamsAnd above allLove unconditionally.

Keep the faith

For the past 20 years I missed births, engagements, weddings, birthdays… That’s part of the package of living away from our own country. I don’t regret my choices.Wandering around the world has given me so much! And I love all the countries where I’ve lived so far.Little did I know that the worst was yetLire la suite « Keep the faith »

On my way to eternity

I walked through the path untill the endWithout looking backI’ve released myself from fears, frustrations and angerMy body is lighter than yesterdayAnd my soul is already on the other sideWaving me with a teaser smile. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Lost and Found

When my soul was in the lost and found you came along and clame it. Carole King My life was predictableEvery day was a long peaceful riverWithout mistakes or surprisesNo saturday feverNo layz SundaysNo hussle, no fightsEach step was calculatedEach word was measuredSuddenly…You came alongAnd everything changedIn a blink of an eyeI felt desire underLire la suite « Lost and Found »


Save your wordsUnless you mean itIf we think too much of the endWe’ll never startStep by step, we’ll get thereWhere? I have no idea!Life is an endless pathTake your timeYou might need itAnd when you’re readyYou know I’ll be hereTogether, we’ll get it throughAnd what if is not over?Relax, it just means it’s not theLire la suite « Epilogue »

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