Where do you go when you are feeling blue?Does anyone care about you?Who do you have when you need a hug?Do you sometimes feel like a real slug?What if tomorrow never comes?And the days are all the same?Close your eyesNo more sentences and liesTake a deep breathYour whole body needs a restAnd your soul tooYourLire la suite « Stardust »


How do you feel today?I feel tired, anxious, weird, afraid and lonelyFair enough…You’re experiencing a new situation But be reasonableConcentrate on good things You’re alive and healthyYou have a roof above your headYou may dance in the kitchen if you want toYou have foodYou have water to drink and also to take a showerYou haveLire la suite « Lockdown »


My eyes are wide shut whilst my spirit is still awakeI cannot sleep, I’d rather prefer writingWords are dancing in my headNo purpose on restingRimes are growing insteadIt’s useless fighting I hear voices, screams and despairI see children playing in the parkMy imagination takes me everywherePirates, cowboys, trees and birdsI try to reach the oldLire la suite « Insomnia »

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