Let’s go!

It’s the end of the worldSo what?!Grab my hand… let’s move on.Take your bikeGo for a walkEnjoy the rideAlone or with your best friendIf life gives you spoonsEat an ice-creamIf the sky showers your head with heavy rainForget the umbrellaBe grateful!Your villain thoughts will be washed awayRemember the best is yet to come Meanwhile, let’sLire la suite « Let’s go! »


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince I found a precious treasure!Where is it?Right beside you!Where? I can’t see it!Look closer!Is it a fancy car?A diamond ring?A big house?A wallet full of money?No, much better than that!Really?Lire la suite « Treasure »

Letter to a friend

Dear friend,I’m counting the days for Spring to comeYou know I dislike Winter timeIf you were here, we could stroll on the beachFeeling free and releasedHave I told you that I have a dog?Poppy is sweet and strongDo you remember When we used to sing and dance?Every moment together was a real chance You wereLire la suite « Letter to a friend »

Where is the moon?

The night is coming, slowlyThe stars are already sparklingIn the black skyWhere’s the moon?I can’t see her round faceWhere is my friend tonight?She’ll be here, I know itCalling my nameShe’s dancing aloneI fell like singingTo my dearest confidentPlease stay with me, I begDon’t let me downI don’t want to be on my own at midnight.Lire la suite « Where is the moon? »

Feeling blue

It was a cold sunday eveningThe raindrops shook smoothly the windowHe’d rather prefer it was snowing There is someone outside wavingA friend came over without noticeTo be sure he’s feeling fine Is it just a dream?Can you hear me?Am I loosing my mind? She touches his arm gentlyAnd keeps whispering on his earEverything will beLire la suite « Feeling blue »

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