The abusive love is villainIt flows through your veinsAnd drowns your heartTearing us apartSaying « I’m sorry »With hustle and flurryIsn’t a weaknessBut a strength covered by sweetnessWhispering « forgive me »Will set you freeOpen your eyesAnd start dating the beautyThe whole universe criesFor those who are too snootyIgnore the hate, let your fears flowUnwrap your egoPride is moreLire la suite « Orgoglio »

Far far away

We are linkedAnd our souls will never dieWe are bonded foreverYou may move to another townTake a plane to a distant landThat won’t change anythingAny mountain is too highTo annihilate our feelingsThere are no waters deep enoughTo smother our love We don’t need bridges to be connectedI may read your mindAnd you can guess myLire la suite « Far far away »


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince I found a precious treasure!Where is it?Right beside you!Where? I can’t see it!Look closer!Is it a fancy car?A diamond ring?A big house?A wallet full of money?No, much better than that!Really?Lire la suite « Treasure »

Hide and seek

I wonder what you see when others don’t even lookI wonder what you hear whenever there is only silenceI wonder what you taste that seems so goodI wonder what you touch that turns into magicI wonder what you hide that’s so hard to findI see beauty everywhereA picture in a frameA painting on the wallALire la suite « Hide and seek »


Suddenly, she decided to listen to her heartDon’t be so hard on yourself Take a deep breath And follow your pathToday is the day!Let’s celebrate lifeBecause all we have is here and nowShe took off her clothesAnd dressed up her soul in red. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Feeling blue

It was a cold sunday eveningThe raindrops shook smoothly the windowHe’d rather prefer it was snowing There is someone outside wavingA friend came over without noticeTo be sure he’s feeling fine Is it just a dream?Can you hear me?Am I loosing my mind? She touches his arm gentlyAnd keeps whispering on his earEverything will beLire la suite « Feeling blue »

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