Troubled thoughts

Stan and Mathilde keep asking me why they can’t be with the Portuguese family. This Covid thing is taking too long, they say. Lisboa, Tomar, London, Verona… so close and yet… so far! What’s the point of having two weeks of vacations if we can’t join the ones we love the most, they shoot. SharpLire la suite « Troubled thoughts »

Violet dreams

Violet dreamsFloating in a child’s headVanished awayBy the afternoon wind Hope has left usEmpty remain our heartsLove is no longer au rendez-vousWe fall apartSet me freeMake a memory out of itThings will get betterOne dayI still believeIn my childhood violet dreams. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

A walk in the park

Sometimes life sucksAnd everything goes wrongWithout any reasonNo matter what you doNo matter how far you goNo matter how hard you tryNo matter how high you aimNo matter how much you giveIt’s never good enoughSuddenly you realise All you need is a walk in the park. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira daLire la suite « A walk in the park »


I knew the bad news was lurking, but I decided to go straight ahead.I avoided the sharp corners.Firmly. Without any notice, the pebble turned into a boulder.And I can no longer kick it and move on.Sooner or later I have to face reality.I have my fingers crossed.Always.Until then, let’s party! Filipa Moreira da Cruz PhotosLire la suite « Ostacles »

Golden dreams

My life was made of ragsRandom broken piecesLike a ruined mill That arouses no interest Sadness filled my empty daysWhilst my nights were endlessAnd then, you came aroundTo release my golden dreamsAnd whisper velvet wordsGrief brought us togetherYet, it is love that keeps us alive. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Father and son

Dear son, This song is for you, my reason of beamingThis colourful painting is for you, my reason of livingThis poem is for you, my reason of beingThis letter is for you, my reason of smilingThis landscape is for you, my reason of believingThis mystic fog is for you, my reason of doubtingThis home isLire la suite « Father and son »

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