Life is a party

Life is a party With fireworks, loud music and colorful balloonsWe are both the hosts and the guests.We dance, we sing, we have fun until the end Life is party That takes place in a beautiful stageWe are both the actors and the audienceAnd everybody knows their own role Life is a partyWhere we areLire la suite « Life is a party »

Pieces of life

Embrace your lifeTake it as a whole!No sorrow, no pain, no regretsNo complaints and no requests Don’t waste your timeMinutes are way too precious!Don’t judge and don’t expectMore than others can offer you The only thing you can take for grantedIs this momentSo make it unique and specialEnjoy the day! Everyday. Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Life is a rollercoaster

Have a nice day! Even if it’s pouring down And you forgot your umbrella Even if you’re late And you just missed the bus Even if that stupid pigeon Ruined you new suit  Have a great day! Even if you are sick And you have no medicine Even if you want to leave But theLire la suite « Life is a rollercoaster »

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