I’m ready

I used to be afraid of everythingAvoiding my own deepest feelingEverytime others moved too fastI felt apartI counted the words inside my headAnd my face turned into bright redWhenever someone stared at meI just wanted to vanish and feel freeLife was easy thoughBecause the usual things flowNaturallySimplyNow I’m ready to unwrap my wings and flyI’llLire la suite « I’m ready »

Let’s go!

What if we only have two minutes left?What if the stars fall from the sky?What if our friends are no longer here?What if the sea drowns all the fishes?What if there is no future anymore?What if Earth swallows us up?What if our family leaves us behind?What if the sun doesn’t rise?We must not waste timeLet’sLire la suite « Let’s go! »

Ode to my Mother

You are the roots of the most beautiful treeThe branches and the fallen leaves tooYour inconditional love Heals our deepest woundsAnd your long armsWrap us in an endless hugBeyond distance and timeYou go through harsh wintersAlways with a smileAnd hot summersAre way less brighterThan your inner lightThat keeps shiningNo matter what. Filipa Moreira da CruzLire la suite « Ode to my Mother »

Troubled thoughts

Stan and Mathilde keep asking me why they can’t be with the Portuguese family. This Covid thing is taking too long, they say. Lisboa, Tomar, London, Verona… so close and yet… so far! What’s the point of having two weeks of vacations if we can’t join the ones we love the most, they shoot. SharpLire la suite « Troubled thoughts »


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