Colourful flowers

Flowers from different coloursSoften the weight on our shouldersThere is a flower for every purposeLilies, marigolds, tulips, rosesPoppies, sunflowers, China mosesOrchids, hyacinths, carnationsAn infinite imaginationFrom all types and shapesFor all scents and tastesDressed up in yellow, red, greenOrange, white, blue or pinkLying on a wild plainDancing in the rainSunbathing in the gardenFlowers for you andLire la suite « Colourful flowers »

Back then

If I could turn back timeI would do exactly the same my friendGreat expectations around the cornerWe accepted everything, except the ordersRelease your fearsIt’s time to wipe your tears We are bonded…foreverAnd I know that life can only be betterTrust and hope walk side by sideFeeling free and staying aliveIs the best way to killLire la suite « Back then »

Orange is the new black

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow. Wassily Kandinsky Don’t turn your back awayDon’t push me too hard Just to see how far I’ll goI’m still learning to copeWith my hopes and fearsAnd it’s not easy…So I dress my brain in orangeTo hide the inner darknessI cover my life with this colourI acceptLire la suite « Orange is the new black »

Lost and Found

When my soul was in the lost and found you came along and clame it. Carole King My life was predictableEvery day was a long peaceful riverWithout mistakes or surprisesNo saturday feverNo layz SundaysNo hussle, no fightsEach step was calculatedEach word was measuredSuddenly…You came alongAnd everything changedIn a blink of an eyeI felt desire underLire la suite « Lost and Found »


Sweet palomaHas lost her wingsAnd her own heart is into piecesThe sky is no longer blueEven the wind has gone away Broken dreamsThe whole world is against herBut she keeps strugglingEvery day Silence is a strength Joy can be found through darknessNo time for regretsNo space for sadnessFly palomaOne day you’ll be high. Filipa MoreiraLire la suite « Paloma »


My life is an eternal mazeMy eyes are constantly glazedAstonishment commands my stepsI don’t care about the restI’m a better person than I used to be Please, trust meA big house and a fancy carWill never take you farOur love, on the contraryIs everything but ordinaryI’m waiting for your signAvoiding to cross the line PatienceLire la suite « Puzzled »

A dream come true

Winter trees were drawn on the sandIs it possible?Yes, I’ve done it with my own handMaybe the long cold days Wanted to be kissed by the sunAnd have funFor a change!Horses dance by the seaWe are gallopingJust you and meWhat a beautiful dream Who said I am dreaming?My eyes are wide open1…2…3…Give it a tryComeLire la suite « A dream come true »

Tea for four

Deep blue skyMysterious seaThick sand Invigorating breezeMy hair is a messAnd so is my lifeUpside downEmpty chairsEmpty heartI see my cityFrom the other sideI’m an outsiderUntil when?If only I knew…Meanwhile, take a seatThe water is boilingLife is always betterAfter a cup of tea. Filipa Moreira da Cruz

carpe diem

Remember when we were young, wild and free?Back then, simple pleasures filled us with joyGood old times!Where did our dreams go?We should not worry about tomorrowBecause we don’t know what it might bring usIf troubles will come we take care of them laterInstead, put a smile on your faceEnjoy every moment as it was theLire la suite « carpe diem »

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