carpe diem

Remember when we were young, wild and free?Back then, simple pleasures filled us with joyGood old times!Where did our dreams go?We should not worry about tomorrowBecause we don’t know what it might bring usIf troubles will come we take care of them laterInstead, put a smile on your faceEnjoy every moment as it was theLire la suite « carpe diem »

From Martinique with love

In order to write about life first you must live it. Ernest Hemingway A friend of mine sent me this picture. What a lovely gift! I love flowers and this one is special because it blooms in exotic places. I wonder which name I’ll give it. I don’t care about its common name and evenLire la suite « From Martinique with love »

We are free

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. William Faulkner We shall raise our voicesAnd make our own choicesRelease your fearsIt’s time to condemn the fake leadersUnwrap your mindForget the difference between wrong and rightTrust yourselfKeep all the others in a distant shelfYou won’t learn anything from themThey areLire la suite « We are free »

Spring…at last!

The birds are whistling up on the hillThe trees are quiet and still The sun is shining in the skyThe temperature is highButterflies are singing in my headFlowers are blooming everywhereI count from one to tenThe Earth was born…again! Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Paul Laurent Bressin

Dreaming my dreams

Follow meI’ll be your guideTrust meI won’t tell you a lieOpen your heartI’m ready to live our loveJoin me meBe my date, I’ll be your doveYou can count on meI will never disappoint youOf that you may be sureAs the grass is green and the ocean is blueTake my handLet’s live our dreamsWe will beLire la suite « Dreaming my dreams »

Room with a view

From my window I see youGlazed eyes, deep blueFrom my window I see usOn the line, waiting for the busDo you rememberThat sweet december?Christmas fuss, sparkling lightsAnd a smooth kiss at midnightFrom my window I see the mountainsI think loud of our great expectationsFrom my window I see a tiny boatOne day, I’ll take youLire la suite « Room with a view »

Until the last whisper

First cryFirst impressionFirst handFirst classFirst aidFirst sightFist loveFirst kissFirst inFirst outFirst wrinkleFirst comeFirst servedFirst secondFirst world Last laughLast chanceLast strawLast danceLast burstLast glanceLast breathLast gaspLast comeLast outLast dropLast goneLast supperLast minuteLast word Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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