Ode to my Mother

You are the roots of the most beautiful treeThe branches and the fallen leaves tooYour inconditional love Heals our deepest woundsAnd your long armsWrap us in an endless hugBeyond distance and timeYou go through harsh wintersAlways with a smileAnd hot summersAre way less brighterThan your inner lightThat keeps shiningNo matter what. Filipa Moreira da CruzLire la suite « Ode to my Mother »

Dreaming my dreams

Follow meI’ll be your guideTrust meI won’t tell you a lieOpen your heartI’m ready to live our loveJoin me meBe my date, I’ll be your doveYou can count on meI will never disappoint youOf that you may be sureAs the grass is green and the ocean is blueTake my handLet’s live our dreamsWe will beLire la suite « Dreaming my dreams »

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