Tea for four

Deep blue skyMysterious seaThick sand Invigorating breezeMy hair is a messAnd so is my lifeUpside downEmpty chairsEmpty heartI see my cityFrom the other sideI’m an outsiderUntil when?If only I knew…Meanwhile, take a seatThe water is boilingLife is always betterAfter a cup of tea. Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Room with a view

From my window I see youGlazed eyes, deep blueFrom my window I see usOn the line, waiting for the busDo you rememberThat sweet december?Christmas fuss, sparkling lightsAnd a smooth kiss at midnightFrom my window I see the mountainsI think loud of our great expectationsFrom my window I see a tiny boatOne day, I’ll take youLire la suite « Room with a view »

Darkness and Light

You are yinI am yangYou feel oldI’m still youngYou’re down to earthI enjoy the extremeYou are realisticI live my dreamsYou eat salty foodI prefer sweetsYou feel safe at homeI travel around the worldYou are surrounded by peopleI prefer staying on my ownYou swear by the moonI walk under the sunYou don’t go out oftenI’m alwaysLire la suite « Darkness and Light »


I have traveled all over the worldAlways free as a birdNo house, no family, no friendsWhat for?I don’t need them anymoreSo I thought…I just listened to my egoHow selfish I was!I have been everywhereBut I don’t have a place to call homeI have lost my faith and my balanceI feel foreign in my own countryILire la suite « Unrooted »

On my way to nowhere

Where are you going?Truth be toldI don’t have a clueThe only thing I am sureIs that I miss youSo I keep walkingAs long as my feet Are not soreAs long as my back Can take me as a whole You may cross all the riversAnd all the seasHaving the stars as guidesYou may climb TheLire la suite « On my way to nowhere »

Where is the moon?

The night is coming, slowlyThe stars are already sparklingIn the black skyWhere’s the moon?I can’t see her round faceWhere is my friend tonight?She’ll be here, I know itCalling my nameShe’s dancing aloneI fell like singingTo my dearest confidentPlease stay with me, I begDon’t let me downI don’t want to be on my own at midnight.Lire la suite « Where is the moon? »

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