Time is rushing me

I remember so well my childhoodGood old times!Now my children are the ones that shrive meI remember when life was made of endless Summer daysAlthough I’ve always preferred Autumn eveningsI remember playing with my brother and sistersMonopoly would last all night longIt’s still the caseCertain things will never changeI remember when my skin was firmLire la suite « Time is rushing me »

carpe diem

Remember when we were young, wild and free?Back then, simple pleasures filled us with joyGood old times!Where did our dreams go?We should not worry about tomorrowBecause we don’t know what it might bring usIf troubles will come we take care of them laterInstead, put a smile on your faceEnjoy every moment as it was theLire la suite « carpe diem »

The house next door

I remember the sumptuous partiesEveryone would do anythingJust to have an invitationThe guests were all dressed upThe orchestra starts playing « My way »The gentlman winks gentlyAt the lady next to himChildren were not welcomeNannies would put them to sleepA piece of cake!Promising blueberry pancakesThe following dayI slide quickly under the tableMaking no sound So afraid ofLire la suite « The house next door »

The yellow house

Everytime she was feeling blueShe thought of good old times in the yellow houseWhen winters were cold and bitterShe kept dreaming of the yellow houseIf she was scared of somethingShe thought she was in the yellow houseWhenever she missed her loved onesShe looked at the pictures of the yellow houseIf life was too hard onLire la suite « The yellow house »

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