Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

I’m always thinking of new thingsMy head is full of dreamsSometimes I don’t feel my body at all But I rescue myself wherewithalI need no wings to flyOr sad feelings to cryMy soul is aloneBut it knows the way back homeMy feet are strong But they are allowed to be wrongLife is more than blackLire la suite « Head in the clouds, feet on the ground »

Spring…at last!

The birds are whistling up on the hillThe trees are quiet and still The sun is shining in the skyThe temperature is highButterflies are singing in my headFlowers are blooming everywhereI count from one to tenThe Earth was born…again! Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Paul Laurent Bressin

Fairy tale

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. C. S. Lewis I believe in fairies and elvesIn giants and dragonsI believe in magic potionsThat make us invincibleI believe in miraclesI’ve seen them with my own eyesI believe life is a fairy taleFull of surprisesYou’d better start living nowOtherwise, you willLire la suite « Fairy tale »

The miracle of life

Don’t ask me the impossibleAnd I’ll always surprise youDon’t be hard on yourself You have the right to failDon’t judge othersBeacause you ignore what they went throughDon’t forget the child in youAccept yourself as a wholeDon’t be wise all the timeAnd be ready for the unpredictableDon’t hide your feelingsThey make you unique and specialDon’t takeLire la suite « The miracle of life »

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