Ode to my Mother

You are the roots of the most beautiful treeThe branches and the fallen leaves tooYour inconditional love Heals our deepest woundsAnd your long armsWrap us in an endless hugBeyond distance and timeYou go through harsh wintersAlways with a smileAnd hot summersAre way less brighterThan your inner lightThat keeps shiningNo matter what. Filipa Moreira da CruzLire la suite « Ode to my Mother »

Loving mother

Lately, life has not been kind to herAnd yet, she never complainsShe struggles in silenceAnd has always a warm and kind smileHer body has shrunkAlthough her mind is brighter than everThey both dance on a different rhythm Sometimes she wishes to let goWho am I to blame her?Darkness hours, sleepless nightsShe keeps going for theLire la suite « Loving mother »


Dear mum, These flowers are for youWishing you here tooYou light up the saddest daysWithout whining or complaintsYou accept life as it comesYou believe in fairies and miracles So do I!I know you’re in good handsBeing alive is a blessing Breathing is a victoryWe’ve travelled around the worldMy head flying between the cloudsYour feet firmlyLire la suite « Rosso »

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