Until the last whisper

First cryFirst impressionFirst handFirst classFirst aidFirst sightFist loveFirst kissFirst inFirst outFirst wrinkleFirst comeFirst servedFirst secondFirst world Last laughLast chanceLast strawLast danceLast burstLast glanceLast breathLast gaspLast comeLast outLast dropLast goneLast supperLast minuteLast word Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Letter to a friend

Dear friend,I’m counting the days for Spring to comeYou know I dislike Winter timeIf you were here, we could stroll on the beachFeeling free and releasedHave I told you that I have a dog?Poppy is sweet and strongDo you remember When we used to sing and dance?Every moment together was a real chance You wereLire la suite « Letter to a friend »

On my way to nowhere

Where are you going?Truth be toldI don’t have a clueThe only thing I am sureIs that I miss youSo I keep walkingAs long as my feet Are not soreAs long as my back Can take me as a whole You may cross all the riversAnd all the seasHaving the stars as guidesYou may climb TheLire la suite « On my way to nowhere »

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