Suddenly, she decided to listen to her heartDon’t be so hard on yourself Take a deep breath And follow your pathToday is the day!Let’s celebrate lifeBecause all we have is here and nowShe took off her clothesAnd dressed up her soul in red. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Life is a party

Life is a party With fireworks, loud music and colorful balloonsWe are both the hosts and the guests.We dance, we sing, we have fun until the end Life is party That takes place in a beautiful stageWe are both the actors and the audienceAnd everybody knows their own role Life is a partyWhere we areLire la suite « Life is a party »

On my way home

On my way home I’m on demandI see the rainbow in the skyThe red crab is dancingAmong others, in the golden sand On my way home I have timeTo enjoy the beautiful landscapeAnd I cannot believeMother nature has blessed me On my way home I just breatheThe salted water on my hairThe seaweed cracking belowLire la suite « On my way home »


My eyes are wide shut whilst my spirit is still awakeI cannot sleep, I’d rather prefer writingWords are dancing in my headNo purpose on restingRimes are growing insteadIt’s useless fighting I hear voices, screams and despairI see children playing in the parkMy imagination takes me everywherePirates, cowboys, trees and birdsI try to reach the oldLire la suite « Insomnia »

Pieces of life

Embrace your lifeTake it as a whole!No sorrow, no pain, no regretsNo complaints and no requests Don’t waste your timeMinutes are way too precious!Don’t judge and don’t expectMore than others can offer you The only thing you can take for grantedIs this momentSo make it unique and specialEnjoy the day! Everyday. Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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