Golden dreams

My life was made of ragsRandom broken piecesLike a ruined mill That arouses no interest Sadness filled my empty daysWhilst my nights were endlessAnd then, you came aroundTo release my golden dreamsAnd whisper velvet wordsGrief brought us togetherYet, it is love that keeps us alive. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Orange dreams

I’ve traveled all over the worldI’ve crossed rivers and seasI’ve climbed high mountainsI’ve slept under the starry skyI’ve painted bridges and erased walls I’ve opened windows and doors I’ve fallen several timesBut I’ve never lost the path. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz and Paul Laurent Bressin

Back then

If I could turn back timeI would do exactly the same my friendGreat expectations around the cornerWe accepted everything, except the ordersRelease your fearsIt’s time to wipe your tears We are bonded…foreverAnd I know that life can only be betterTrust and hope walk side by sideFeeling free and staying aliveIs the best way to killLire la suite « Back then »


Save your wordsUnless you mean itIf we think too much of the endWe’ll never startStep by step, we’ll get thereWhere? I have no idea!Life is an endless pathTake your timeYou might need itAnd when you’re readyYou know I’ll be hereTogether, we’ll get it throughAnd what if is not over?Relax, it just means it’s not theLire la suite « Epilogue »


My life is an eternal mazeMy eyes are constantly glazedAstonishment commands my stepsI don’t care about the restI’m a better person than I used to be Please, trust meA big house and a fancy carWill never take you farOur love, on the contraryIs everything but ordinaryI’m waiting for your signAvoiding to cross the line PatienceLire la suite « Puzzled »

We are free

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. William Faulkner We shall raise our voicesAnd make our own choicesRelease your fearsIt’s time to condemn the fake leadersUnwrap your mindForget the difference between wrong and rightTrust yourselfKeep all the others in a distant shelfYou won’t learn anything from themThey areLire la suite « We are free »

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