My life is an eternal mazeMy eyes are constantly glazedAstonishment commands my stepsI don’t care about the restI’m a better person than I used to be Please, trust meA big house and a fancy carWill never take you farOur love, on the contraryIs everything but ordinaryI’m waiting for your signAvoiding to cross the line PatienceLire la suite « Puzzled »

We are free

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. William Faulkner We shall raise our voicesAnd make our own choicesRelease your fearsIt’s time to condemn the fake leadersUnwrap your mindForget the difference between wrong and rightTrust yourselfKeep all the others in a distant shelfYou won’t learn anything from themThey areLire la suite « We are free »


I follow the path aloneListening to the silenceWhispering my dreamsTo the nature around meThe sea clears my mindThe fresh grass gives me hopeOn a future as bright as the sunAnd beautiful like the blue skyFor the fist time, I am free again. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

On my way to nowhere

Where are you going?Truth be toldI don’t have a clueThe only thing I am sureIs that I miss youSo I keep walkingAs long as my feet Are not soreAs long as my back Can take me as a whole You may cross all the riversAnd all the seasHaving the stars as guidesYou may climb TheLire la suite « On my way to nowhere »

Through the path

Nobody said it was easyBut I never thought it would be so hardDo not judge me before knowing my storyBecause apparences can mislead youI look strong, I knowTake a closer glimpse and you’ll see how fragile I amKeep the faith, mother Earth protects youRelease yourself from your demons and ghostsI will always be by yourLire la suite « Through the path »

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