Anywhere I go

Anywhere I goThere’s a blue skyAnd a soft place to landAnywhere I goI hear birds singingAnd I see colourful flowersAnywhere I go Silence is goldenAnd words are whisperedAnywhere I goMy heart is light And my body floatsAnywhere I goThere’s loveAnd hopeAnywhere I goIt’s a new dayAlways the beginningNever the end. Filipa Moreira da Cruz


Before going to schoolBefore taking the bus to workBefore the town awakensBefore all the noise and fussBefore the warm sun heats meBefore the waves swallow the sandBefore the seals fly over the coastBefore the moon kisses the sunBefore the shadows dissipate Before the whole day takes meI’m enjoying the silence. Filipa Moreira da Cruz PhotosLire la suite « Shadows »


It’s all so quietIt’s all so stillPeace is everywhere you goBecause it lives inside youJust be patient!Take a closer glimpseCan you hear the birds?Can you see the beauty of the trees?Mannkind works are eternalSo they say…Don’t pay attention to othersDon’t rush yourselfTake a deep breath And enjoy the momentYou’ll be surprised By all the amazingLire la suite « Serendipity »

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