Strawberries field

We cry in silenceWe lost our guidanceWe need sweetnessAnd a hint of happinessThe world has gone crazyAnd human beings are too lazyTo keep fighting for their rightsViolence exploses like dynamiteWe should pray insteadFor those who are already deadWe need to have faith and hopeAnd trust the Almighty aboveEverything happens for a reasonAnd bad things won’tLire la suite « Strawberries field »

All we need is love

Accept the differenceEmbrace the unknownStep out from your comfort zoneBe the inspirationForgive yourselfGive without anything in returnDon’t lose hopeKeep the faithAvoid great expectationsEnjoy simple thingsBelieve in miraclesFollow your dreamsAnd above allLove unconditionally.

From door to door

From door to doorWe have nothing to deploreFrom tree to treeYou are here with meFrom wave to waveThere’s no place for a graveFrom kiss to kissLiving is a true blissFrom hand to handTake me to the wonderlandFrom coast to coastDon’t be afraid of the ghostFrom season to seasonEverything happens for a reasonFrom garden to gardenIt’sLire la suite « From door to door »


The abusive love is villainIt flows through your veinsAnd drowns your heartTearing us apartSaying « I’m sorry »With hustle and flurryIsn’t a weaknessBut a strength covered by sweetnessWhispering « forgive me »Will set you freeOpen your eyesAnd start dating the beautyThe whole universe criesFor those who are too snootyIgnore the hate, let your fears flowUnwrap your egoPride is moreLire la suite « Orgoglio »


Dear mum, These flowers are for youWishing you here tooYou light up the saddest daysWithout whining or complaintsYou accept life as it comesYou believe in fairies and miracles So do I!I know you’re in good handsBeing alive is a blessing Breathing is a victoryWe’ve travelled around the worldMy head flying between the cloudsYour feet firmlyLire la suite « Rosso »

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

I’m always thinking of new thingsMy head is full of dreamsSometimes I don’t feel my body at all But I rescue myself wherewithalI need no wings to flyOr sad feelings to cryMy soul is aloneBut it knows the way back homeMy feet are strong But they are allowed to be wrongLife is more than blackLire la suite « Head in the clouds, feet on the ground »

Far far away

We are linkedAnd our souls will never dieWe are bonded foreverYou may move to another townTake a plane to a distant landThat won’t change anythingAny mountain is too highTo annihilate our feelingsThere are no waters deep enoughTo smother our love We don’t need bridges to be connectedI may read your mindAnd you can guess myLire la suite « Far far away »

Oh happy days!

A walk through the cloudsFlying high like a beeA stroll in the forestHaving fun like a foxA bath under the sunLike a happy lizardA picnic with the familyLike we used to do Fresh grass under my feetFragrant flowers on my hairAnd a smile on my faceOh happy days! Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : FilipaLire la suite « Oh happy days! »

Hope comes in yellow

Patience is wide and whiteUnique and brightFreedom is deep blueI’ll spread my wings and fly with youPassion is red bloodAnd so is anger when you’re stuck in the mudEnvy can be black or greyDreams are like a rainbow in the skyFaith is violetStart again, resetHope is dressed up in yellowBut it tasts like a marshmallowSweetLire la suite « Hope comes in yellow »

Spot the differences

Check out the two picturesBeware of wild creatures!They look exactly the same, don’t they?And yet, this is not the caseTake a closer lookSometimes you need to let go of the hookAnd then reality will show its hidden faceEverything is at the right placeDreams may come true It only depends on you. Filipa Moreira da CruzLire la suite « Spot the differences »

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