Spot the differences

Check out the two picturesBeware of wild creatures!They look exactly the same, don’t they?And yet, this is not the caseTake a closer lookSometimes you need to let go of the hookAnd then reality will show its hidden faceEverything is at the right placeDreams may come true It only depends on you. Filipa Moreira da CruzLire la suite « Spot the differences »

Room with a view

From my window I see youGlazed eyes, deep blueFrom my window I see usOn the line, waiting for the busDo you rememberThat sweet december?Christmas fuss, sparkling lightsAnd a smooth kiss at midnightFrom my window I see the mountainsI think loud of our great expectationsFrom my window I see a tiny boatOne day, I’ll take youLire la suite « Room with a view »

Darkness and Light

You are yinI am yangYou feel oldI’m still youngYou’re down to earthI enjoy the extremeYou are realisticI live my dreamsYou eat salty foodI prefer sweetsYou feel safe at homeI travel around the worldYou are surrounded by peopleI prefer staying on my ownYou swear by the moonI walk under the sunYou don’t go out oftenI’m alwaysLire la suite « Darkness and Light »

Love letter

If only I could singTo write you a beautiful songIf only I could paintTo offer you the most impressive portraitIf only I could bakeTo prepare you a delicious cakeIf only I could flyTo take you away with meIf only I could play the pianoTo wrap you up in my melodyIf only I were richTo showLire la suite « Love letter »


Am I dreaming?Or is this real?I feel like floatingIn the darkest watersMy body is lightAnd my spiritIs far away from hereThe sun burns my faceWhilst my feet are coldPlease, don’t wake me upI’d rather prefer the unrealAlthough it’s ephemeralBecause everything changes In the blink oy an eye. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa MoreiraLire la suite « Mirage »


Take me to the theory landBecause in theoryEverything will to be all right Don’t wake me upNot today nor tomorrowLet me live in the fairytale for a while I’m not ready for your world yetI need more time to heal my soulWish me good luck You know where to find meBetween one thing and anotherI’llLire la suite « Dreams »

A gust of wind

Do you remember the pink house, up on the hill?Ask me to meet you there and I will.Do your remember thinking life was a fairytale?Drawing fishes that looked like whales.Do you remember the blue sea and the golden sand?We wished those times would never end.Do you remember the scorching sun in the orange sky?That day,Lire la suite « A gust of wind »

No man’s land

They spend their lives running awayEscaping war, starvation, floods, diseasesThey leave their family and friends behindNo time for tears or goodbyesWe call them foreigners, refugees, migrantsBut we tend to forget that we are not so differentThey are just human beings trying to survive. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : KaDDD

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