Dear mum, These flowers are for youWishing you here tooYou light up the saddest daysWithout whining or complaintsYou accept life as it comesYou believe in fairies and miracles So do I!I know you’re in good handsBeing alive is a blessing Breathing is a victoryWe’ve travelled around the worldMy head flying between the cloudsYour feet firmlyLire la suite « Rosso »

Orange is the new black

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow. Wassily Kandinsky Don’t turn your back awayDon’t push me too hard Just to see how far I’ll goI’m still learning to copeWith my hopes and fearsAnd it’s not easy…So I dress my brain in orangeTo hide the inner darknessI cover my life with this colourI acceptLire la suite « Orange is the new black »

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