Hard as a rock

Don’t worry about meJust wait and seeI’m as hard as a rockAlways around the clockMy spirit is sharpenAnd my body protected by an iron curtainFamily and friends are my safe havenKeep dreaming you’re in heavenI’ll protect the ones I love…alwaysLife sends me signs in mysterious waysI embrace the unknownBecause I am as hard as aLire la suite « Hard as a rock »

Letter to a friend

Dear friend,I’m counting the days for Spring to comeYou know I dislike Winter timeIf you were here, we could stroll on the beachFeeling free and releasedHave I told you that I have a dog?Poppy is sweet and strongDo you remember When we used to sing and dance?Every moment together was a real chance You wereLire la suite « Letter to a friend »

Through the path

Nobody said it was easyBut I never thought it would be so hardDo not judge me before knowing my storyBecause apparences can mislead youI look strong, I knowTake a closer glimpse and you’ll see how fragile I amKeep the faith, mother Earth protects youRelease yourself from your demons and ghostsI will always be by yourLire la suite « Through the path »

Another winter day

It keeps snowing outsideAnd I wonder if the snow is thickBeacause I’m definitely notWithout a shadow of a doubtThat’s the only thing I know for sureThe house is overheatedHowever, my heart is freezingAll the days seem the sameI feel like letting it goI wish I could erase all the dataPush the restart buttonAnd do itLire la suite « Another winter day »

What if…

What if the rain keeps drifting awayWhat if the stars fall from the skyWhat if the sun never shows upWhat if the clouds are always grey What if our love diesWhat if the sea swallows us allWhat if the Earth gets sickWhat if they keep telling us lies What if we all lose hopeWhat ifLire la suite « What if… »


You work at hospitals, schoolsSupermarkets, kindergartensYou are brave and fearless And you take care of others You are a doctor, a nurse, a policeman A therapist, an attendant, a bus driverA teacher, a fireman, a physician Your body is sore and your bones are weakMissing the ones you love the mostDue to endless days andLire la suite « Heroes »


How do you feel today?I feel tired, anxious, weird, afraid and lonelyFair enough…You’re experiencing a new situation But be reasonableConcentrate on good things You’re alive and healthyYou have a roof above your headYou may dance in the kitchen if you want toYou have foodYou have water to drink and also to take a showerYou haveLire la suite « Lockdown »

Life is a rollercoaster

Have a nice day! Even if it’s pouring down And you forgot your umbrella Even if you’re late And you just missed the bus Even if that stupid pigeon Ruined you new suit  Have a great day! Even if you are sick And you have no medicine Even if you want to leave But theLire la suite « Life is a rollercoaster »

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