Street art

A true masterpiece does not tell everything. Albert Camus I never get tired of the blue sky. Vincent Van Gogh Blue suggests the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract. Yves Klein If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue. Paul Gauguin PhotosLire la suite « Street art »

Never give up

Sometimes missions can’t be accomplished at the first time. As a consequence, we get frustrated. Suddenly, the sky is covered by thick grey clouds. Even the sun has abandoned us. But giving up is never an option. Frustrations are great opportunities to start all over again. Put yourself together, close your eyes and take aLire la suite « Never give up »


Love is a blue sky on a winter dayKnowing that tomorrow is already todayLove is whishing the sun will never sleepSo, the moon he shall meetLove is softness and kindnessWhite and smooth like the snowLove is here and nowKeep trying, give me hopeLove is all we haveAnd it will save us in the end. FilipaLire la suite « Love »

After work

While a few take the subwayI stroll along the seaBig cities have skyscrapersMine has a castlePigeons are everywhereExcept here! You’ll only come across seagulls and birdsSome children play in the shopping centersOurs have the beach as their playgroundI am blessed and grateful for living in such a beautiful place. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos :Lire la suite « After work »

Fly away

Come with meLet’s fly away Forget your luggageYou won’t need any belongings Hold my handI will show the world The fresh grass will be our bedAnd the sky the only roof above our heads Trust meI will never let you down Don’t think twiceTogether we are stronger Just say yes And this amazing journey mayLire la suite « Fly away »

On my way home

On my way home I’m on demandI see the rainbow in the skyThe red crab is dancingAmong others, in the golden sand On my way home I have timeTo enjoy the beautiful landscapeAnd I cannot believeMother nature has blessed me On my way home I just breatheThe salted water on my hairThe seaweed cracking belowLire la suite « On my way home »

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