We are free

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. William Faulkner We shall raise our voicesAnd make our own choicesRelease your fearsIt’s time to condemn the fake leadersUnwrap your mindForget the difference between wrong and rightTrust yourselfKeep all the others in a distant shelfYou won’t learn anything from themThey areLire la suite « We are free »

Women we are

Rose, violet, orange, redBlue, green, white, yellowNo matter the color we chooseWe are not deadStrengh, faith, compassionFairness, motherhood, solidarityHard work, trust, passionPerseverance, joy, empathyWe are full of surprisesAnd an endless sourceOf inspirationWe are part of the worldAnd that is alreadyA fascination. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Paul Laurent Bressin


You work at hospitals, schoolsSupermarkets, kindergartensYou are brave and fearless And you take care of others You are a doctor, a nurse, a policeman A therapist, an attendant, a bus driverA teacher, a fireman, a physician Your body is sore and your bones are weakMissing the ones you love the mostDue to endless days andLire la suite « Heroes »

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