Anywhere I go

Anywhere I goThere’s a blue skyAnd a soft place to landAnywhere I goI hear birds singingAnd I see colourful flowersAnywhere I go Silence is goldenAnd words are whisperedAnywhere I goMy heart is light And my body floatsAnywhere I goThere’s loveAnd hopeAnywhere I goIt’s a new dayAlways the beginningNever the end. Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Loving mother

Lately, life has not been kind to herAnd yet, she never complainsShe struggles in silenceAnd has always a warm and kind smileHer body has shrunkAlthough her mind is brighter than everThey both dance on a different rhythm Sometimes she wishes to let goWho am I to blame her?Darkness hours, sleepless nightsShe keeps going for theLire la suite « Loving mother »


It’s all so quietIt’s all so stillPeace is everywhere you goBecause it lives inside youJust be patient!Take a closer glimpseCan you hear the birds?Can you see the beauty of the trees?Mannkind works are eternalSo they say…Don’t pay attention to othersDon’t rush yourselfTake a deep breath And enjoy the momentYou’ll be surprised By all the amazingLire la suite « Serendipity »

Far far away

We are linkedAnd our souls will never dieWe are bonded foreverYou may move to another townTake a plane to a distant landThat won’t change anythingAny mountain is too highTo annihilate our feelingsThere are no waters deep enoughTo smother our love We don’t need bridges to be connectedI may read your mindAnd you can guess myLire la suite « Far far away »

On my way to eternity

I walked through the path untill the endWithout looking backI’ve released myself from fears, frustrations and angerMy body is lighter than yesterdayAnd my soul is already on the other sideWaving me with a teaser smile. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

A poem by Amber and Filipa

Travelling through a picture, a book, a song or a poemYour friends experiences igniting the fire in your dreams, sending an omenTravelling and expanding the horizons of the infinite multitudes of mind worldly manifestationsTravelling with your eyes wide open or perfectly closedTravelling around the worldOr without leaving your placeThe imagination has it’s own spaceBridged, connectedNoLire la suite « A poem by Amber and Filipa »


I’ve lost my soulAnd my body doesn’t belong to me anymoreI feel like a small boatDrifting away from the shore Will you join me?Shall we just be?Together, we are strongerAnd we see brighterA whole new world Is awaiting to be discoveredBut feelings cannot be put into wordsThey are also drifting, undercovered. Filipa Moreira da CruzLire la suite « Drifting »


I feel dizzyI’m losing control.I cannot feel my legsAnd my body is sore. Take a deep breathForget about the rest. Can you hear me?Or am I alone?Is it just my imagination?Maybe. Is this a dream?Or is it really happening? My head is still hereWhile my soul is levitating.Your eyes are wide shutAnd yet, you canLire la suite « Borderline »

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