From door to door

From door to doorWe have nothing to deploreFrom tree to treeYou are here with meFrom wave to waveThere’s no place for a graveFrom kiss to kissLiving is a true blissFrom hand to handTake me to the wonderlandFrom coast to coastDon’t be afraid of the ghostFrom season to seasonEverything happens for a reasonFrom garden to gardenIt’sLire la suite « From door to door »


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – The Little Prince I found a precious treasure!Where is it?Right beside you!Where? I can’t see it!Look closer!Is it a fancy car?A diamond ring?A big house?A wallet full of money?No, much better than that!Really?Lire la suite « Treasure »

Until the last whisper

First cryFirst impressionFirst handFirst classFirst aidFirst sightFist loveFirst kissFirst inFirst outFirst wrinkleFirst comeFirst servedFirst secondFirst world Last laughLast chanceLast strawLast danceLast burstLast glanceLast breathLast gaspLast comeLast outLast dropLast goneLast supperLast minuteLast word Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Letter to a friend

Dear friend,I’m counting the days for Spring to comeYou know I dislike Winter timeIf you were here, we could stroll on the beachFeeling free and releasedHave I told you that I have a dog?Poppy is sweet and strongDo you remember When we used to sing and dance?Every moment together was a real chance You wereLire la suite « Letter to a friend »

The yellow house

Everytime she was feeling blueShe thought of good old times in the yellow houseWhen winters were cold and bitterShe kept dreaming of the yellow houseIf she was scared of somethingShe thought she was in the yellow houseWhenever she missed her loved onesShe looked at the pictures of the yellow houseIf life was too hard onLire la suite « The yellow house »

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