Loving mother

Lately, life has not been kind to herAnd yet, she never complainsShe struggles in silenceAnd has always a warm and kind smileHer body has shrunkAlthough her mind is brighter than everThey both dance on a different rhythm Sometimes she wishes to let goWho am I to blame her?Darkness hours, sleepless nightsShe keeps going for theLire la suite « Loving mother »


Sweet palomaHas lost her wingsAnd her own heart is into piecesThe sky is no longer blueEven the wind has gone away Broken dreamsThe whole world is against herBut she keeps strugglingEvery day Silence is a strength Joy can be found through darknessNo time for regretsNo space for sadnessFly palomaOne day you’ll be high. Filipa MoreiraLire la suite « Paloma »


Where do you go when you are feeling blue?Does anyone care about you?Who do you have when you need a hug?Do you sometimes feel like a real slug?What if tomorrow never comes?And the days are all the same?Close your eyesNo more sentences and liesTake a deep breathYour whole body needs a restAnd your soul tooYourLire la suite « Stardust »

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