Flowers by the sea

The sun is lying on the groundExhaustedThe sky decided to take a rideAloneThe sea turned into orangeCapricousThe birds are running Fast and furiousThe lions show their brand new wingsProudOnly the flowers are still the sameAre you sure?Take a closer look!They have a new wardrobe. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Paul Laurent Bressin

Never give up

Sometimes missions can’t be accomplished at the first time. As a consequence, we get frustrated. Suddenly, the sky is covered by thick grey clouds. Even the sun has abandoned us. But giving up is never an option. Frustrations are great opportunities to start all over again. Put yourself together, close your eyes and take aLire la suite « Never give up »

Waiting for better days

I’m dreaming of clear deep blue watersI’m wishing to take a ride on that boat of yoursI’m willing to walk bare feet on the golden sandI’m looking forward to getting my skin tannedI’m hoping that sunny days will come soonAnd we will stroll together under the moon. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Paul LaurentLire la suite « Waiting for better days »

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