I have traveled all over the worldAlways free as a birdNo house, no family, no friendsWhat for?I don’t need them anymoreSo I thought…I just listened to my egoHow selfish I was!I have been everywhereBut I don’t have a place to call homeI have lost my faith and my balanceI feel foreign in my own countryILire la suite « Unrooted »

Fly away

Come with meLet’s fly away Forget your luggageYou won’t need any belongings Hold my handI will show the world The fresh grass will be our bedAnd the sky the only roof above our heads Trust meI will never let you down Don’t think twiceTogether we are stronger Just say yes And this amazing journey mayLire la suite « Fly away »

Strolling around

I miss travelingI miss taking the plane, the train or even the subwayI miss my family and friends around the worldI miss my freedomMy wings have not been cut off yetSo I might be strolling around more often. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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