Grazie Paul Laurent!

Le rôle d’un ami, c’est de se trouver à votre côté quand vous êtes dans l’erreur puisque tout le monde sera à côté de vous quand vous aurez raison. Mark Twain A la fin, nous nous souviendrons non pas des mots de nos ennemis, mais des silences de nos amis. Martin Luther King Ce motLire la suite « Grazie Paul Laurent! »

A walk in the park

Sometimes life sucksAnd everything goes wrongWithout any reasonNo matter what you doNo matter how far you goNo matter how hard you tryNo matter how high you aimNo matter how much you giveIt’s never good enoughSuddenly you realise All you need is a walk in the park. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira daLire la suite « A walk in the park »


I knew the bad news was lurking, but I decided to go straight ahead.I avoided the sharp corners.Firmly. Without any notice, the pebble turned into a boulder.And I can no longer kick it and move on.Sooner or later I have to face reality.I have my fingers crossed.Always.Until then, let’s party! Filipa Moreira da Cruz PhotosLire la suite « Ostacles »

Father and son

Dear son, This song is for you, my reason of beamingThis colourful painting is for you, my reason of livingThis poem is for you, my reason of beingThis letter is for you, my reason of smilingThis landscape is for you, my reason of believingThis mystic fog is for you, my reason of doubtingThis home isLire la suite « Father and son »


Luck is believing you’re lucky. Tennessee Williams Unexpected encounterWho would have guessed?You decided to sunbathe on a warm stoneInstead of lying on the soft grass You showed up when good fortune was all I neededAnd I am willing to accept all the good things life will give me. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : FilipaLire la suite « Ladybug »

Strawberries field

We cry in silenceWe lost our guidanceWe need sweetnessAnd a hint of happinessThe world has gone crazyAnd human beings are too lazyTo keep fighting for their rightsViolence exploses like dynamiteWe should pray insteadFor those who are already deadWe need to have faith and hopeAnd trust the Almighty aboveEverything happens for a reasonAnd bad things won’tLire la suite « Strawberries field »


My life is an eternal mazeMy eyes are constantly glazedAstonishment commands my stepsI don’t care about the restI’m a better person than I used to be Please, trust meA big house and a fancy carWill never take you farOur love, on the contraryIs everything but ordinaryI’m waiting for your signAvoiding to cross the line PatienceLire la suite « Puzzled »

Dreaming my dreams

Follow meI’ll be your guideTrust meI won’t tell you a lieOpen your heartI’m ready to live our loveJoin me meBe my date, I’ll be your doveYou can count on meI will never disappoint youOf that you may be sureAs the grass is green and the ocean is blueTake my handLet’s live our dreamsWe will beLire la suite « Dreaming my dreams »

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