Another winter day

It keeps snowing outsideAnd I wonder if the snow is thickBeacause I’m definitely notWithout a shadow of a doubtThat’s the only thing I know for sureThe house is overheatedHowever, my heart is freezingAll the days seem the sameI feel like letting it goI wish I could erase all the dataPush the restart buttonAnd do itLire la suite « Another winter day »

Feeling blue

It was a cold sunday eveningThe raindrops shook smoothly the windowHe’d rather prefer it was snowing There is someone outside wavingA friend came over without noticeTo be sure he’s feeling fine Is it just a dream?Can you hear me?Am I loosing my mind? She touches his arm gentlyAnd keeps whispering on his earEverything will beLire la suite « Feeling blue »

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