Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

I’m always thinking of new thingsMy head is full of dreamsSometimes I don’t feel my body at all But I rescue myself wherewithalI need no wings to flyOr sad feelings to cryMy soul is aloneBut it knows the way back homeMy feet are strong But they are allowed to be wrongLife is more than blackLire la suite « Head in the clouds, feet on the ground »

A poem by Amber and Filipa

Travelling through a picture, a book, a song or a poemYour friends experiences igniting the fire in your dreams, sending an omenTravelling and expanding the horizons of the infinite multitudes of mind worldly manifestationsTravelling with your eyes wide open or perfectly closedTravelling around the worldOr without leaving your placeThe imagination has it’s own spaceBridged, connectedNoLire la suite « A poem by Amber and Filipa »

From Martinique with love

In order to write about life first you must live it. Ernest Hemingway A friend of mine sent me this picture. What a lovely gift! I love flowers and this one is special because it blooms in exotic places. I wonder which name I’ll give it. I don’t care about its common name and evenLire la suite « From Martinique with love »

Women we are

Rose, violet, orange, redBlue, green, white, yellowNo matter the color we chooseWe are not deadStrengh, faith, compassionFairness, motherhood, solidarityHard work, trust, passionPerseverance, joy, empathyWe are full of surprisesAnd an endless sourceOf inspirationWe are part of the worldAnd that is alreadyA fascination. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Paul Laurent Bressin

Some of my favourite words

Mãe, amor, vida, chá, poesia, saudade, amizade, paz, emoção Adeus, fábula, magia, silêncio, gratidão, fadas, nós, solidãoResiliência, sabedoria, fé, crescer, mar, primavera, imensidão Bonheur, amour, spirale, coquillage, doux, mer, nous, tendresseChuchoter, câlin, poème, joie, paix, merveille, éveil, souplesseEnfant, lassitude, souffle, papillon, frisson, chocolat, caresse Cosquillas, sueño, risa, magia, corazón, huella, melodía, amistadLluvia, olvidar, aurora, mariquita,Lire la suite « Some of my favourite words »


Take me to the theory landBecause in theoryEverything will to be all right Don’t wake me upNot today nor tomorrowLet me live in the fairytale for a while I’m not ready for your world yetI need more time to heal my soulWish me good luck You know where to find meBetween one thing and anotherI’llLire la suite « Dreams »

No man’s land

They spend their lives running awayEscaping war, starvation, floods, diseasesThey leave their family and friends behindNo time for tears or goodbyesWe call them foreigners, refugees, migrantsBut we tend to forget that we are not so differentThey are just human beings trying to survive. Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : KaDDD


Why does the sea water taste like salt?Because that’s where the tears from the clouds land. Why is the sun so hot?To keep us warm when we are sad. Why does it rain over our heads?To wash the bad feelings away. Why is the grass green?To make us happy when days are grey. Why doLire la suite « Why… »

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