Hope comes in yellow

Patience is wide and whiteUnique and brightFreedom is deep blueI’ll spread my wings and fly with youPassion is red bloodAnd so is anger when you’re stuck in the mudEnvy can be black or greyDreams are like a rainbow in the skyFaith is violetStart again, resetHope is dressed up in yellowBut it tasts like a marshmallowSweetLire la suite « Hope comes in yellow »

Orange is the new black

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow. Wassily Kandinsky Don’t turn your back awayDon’t push me too hard Just to see how far I’ll goI’m still learning to copeWith my hopes and fearsAnd it’s not easy…So I dress my brain in orangeTo hide the inner darknessI cover my life with this colourI acceptLire la suite « Orange is the new black »

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