Time is rushing me

I remember so well my childhoodGood old times!Now my children are the ones that shrive meI remember when life was made of endless Summer daysAlthough I’ve always preferred Autumn eveningsI remember playing with my brother and sistersMonopoly would last all night longIt’s still the caseCertain things will never changeI remember when my skin was firmLire la suite « Time is rushing me »

Dolce farniente

Here we go!A whole week ahead of us.We will certainly make the best out of it. Just before August ends and on time for « la rentrée ». The four of us together for seven full days.Away from home.Take care!Be safe!Be happy!See you (very) soon! Filipa Moreira da Cruz Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz


It’s all so quietIt’s all so stillPeace is everywhere you goBecause it lives inside youJust be patient!Take a closer glimpseCan you hear the birds?Can you see the beauty of the trees?Mannkind works are eternalSo they say…Don’t pay attention to othersDon’t rush yourselfTake a deep breath And enjoy the momentYou’ll be surprised By all the amazingLire la suite « Serendipity »

Never give up

Sometimes missions can’t be accomplished at the first time. As a consequence, we get frustrated. Suddenly, the sky is covered by thick grey clouds. Even the sun has abandoned us. But giving up is never an option. Frustrations are great opportunities to start all over again. Put yourself together, close your eyes and take aLire la suite « Never give up »

Fairy tale

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. C. S. Lewis I believe in fairies and elvesIn giants and dragonsI believe in magic potionsThat make us invincibleI believe in miraclesI’ve seen them with my own eyesI believe life is a fairy taleFull of surprisesYou’d better start living nowOtherwise, you willLire la suite « Fairy tale »

The yellow house

Everytime she was feeling blueShe thought of good old times in the yellow houseWhen winters were cold and bitterShe kept dreaming of the yellow houseIf she was scared of somethingShe thought she was in the yellow houseWhenever she missed her loved onesShe looked at the pictures of the yellow houseIf life was too hard onLire la suite « The yellow house »

Not yet…

It’s time to leaveShall we go?I’m not ready yetI need one minute or two It’s hard to believeTime goes by so fastKeep the secretJust between me and you Look at the sky white and blueThe clouds are dancing smoothlyMagic birds keep calling usAnd the waves are whispering too Are you ready?Not yetI pretend to beLire la suite « Not yet… »

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